the world is so confusing to me.

kinlist | interests (in depth) | before you interact w/ me | mental illnesses

cece / 22 / transfem / goth techie / aspie


likes: technology [hyperfixation], video games [hyperfixation], digital art [hyperfixation], gothic fashion, experimental music , cats and rats :)

dislikes: neurotypicals, overall shitty people, large crowds, heights, dishonesty

i'm a very straight-forward person who tends to be over-curious about things. i have a tendency to ask a person a lot of questions to further understand them and learn about that individual if i like them. i would also say that i am very caring, taking as the role of a mom-friend in social circles due to my own personality and nature. i dont make a lot of friends, since the concept of surface-level friends are just strangers to me and i usually treat them as such.

i have a few people in my life i can depend on, and they mean a lot to me, one of them being my closest friend andy, who is also my moirail and plays a huge part in my life <>

i use discord and instagram. [ wont probably give it to you ]